Tough guys from Camden Town

In Camden Town markets you still breathe the spirit of the sixties (or the seventies? eighties? of the past anyway!) and some stalls clearly reveal the heritage of those glorious times in which British music, movies and fashion were leaders on the international scene. Nostalgia, surprise and business happily coexist on the place. Soon after I took the picture, a kind of grey haired ex-Rocker (as opposed to the Mods) or ex-Punk maybe, came out from the stall and started a conversation, revealing a deep knowledge of Spanish slang. Nothing to be afraid of, it’s part of the game when you walk along Camden Town streets!

The British sculptor Scott Eaton is the author of the statue representing Amy Winehouse. He declared that ‘Amy was in love with Camden and it is the place her fans from all over the world associate her with‘ and, actually, the majority of them take a selfie with their beloved Amy.

Photos by n.z.b.


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