Sketches of Nit 22

Please enjoy this photo-gallery, documenting a performance-night in Barcelona, Spain, at Sa Nau Centre (more information in Nit 22 in Spanish). All pictures by Nadia Zamboni Battiston / Acid Valley Photo.


When we meet someone we care of, we tend to think we found a shelter. Dance theatre play “Cobijos”(Shelter) performed by the Company Manos deals with all kind of mood, doubt, verbal communication, body language, etc. generated by any relationship (could be a love story, but not necessarily), let’s say by any moment in which two living…

L’unico Andy

Warhol. L’Arte Meccanica. Fundación CaixaForum, Barcelona, novembre 2017.   Foto: Nadia Zamboni Battiston

Republican hope

Republican hope in Poblenou in a sunny October Sunday. Photo by Nadia Zamboni Battiston

Catalan conversations

Catalonia is going through a difficult moment. In these days its Government is being substituted by the central Government of Madrid and, in theory, Vice Prime Minister Soraya Saenz de Santa María is the new President of Catalonia. Local politicians have been removed and substituted by Madrid’s Ministers and on December 21st new elections will…