When we meet someone we care of, we tend to think we found a shelter.

Dance theatre play “Cobijos”(Shelter) performed by the Company Manos deals with all kind of mood, doubt, verbal communication, body language, etc. generated by any relationship (could be a love story, but not necessarily), let’s say by any moment in which two living -and possibly- thinking human beings get in touch.  The play opens with a kind of ‘knot’ in which,  with complicity of darkness,  individuals cannot be identified, goes through everyday life and results in a final tragedy, to which the situation appears to be doomed from the very beginning. Shelter has become a jail, maybe. (n.z.b.)

Encarni Sánchez

Compañía Las Manos, Encarni Sánchez and Marc Vilajuana, Barcelona

See also, YouShouldBeDancing, No te quedes con lo fácil (in Spanish)

Photography, Nadia Zamboni Battiston



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