Comacchio (Italy) is a kind of “little Venice” in the area near Ferrara. It’s characterized by both Romanic and more modern architecture but, above all, by lots of bridges on the channels which cross the city in all directions. Although recently the city has acquired a more touristic appeal, by luck it didn’t get to Venice’s levels and still offers a beautiful approach to the post Second World War fisherman’s style of life. In 1954 Comacchio has been the set of Mario Soldati’s film ‘La donna del fiume’ (The Woman of the River) with Sofia Loren. (nzb)

DIAPO_2 - 1 (1)
The monumental ‘Trepponti’ (lit. “Three Bridges”) has become the symbol of the city.


Via Agatopisto, in Comacchio, leads to downtown passing in front of the fore main hospital of the town. Nowadays is a quiet street, with hosting facilities. On this street there’s also the house I was born in!

Photo by Nadia Zamboni Battiston/Acid Valley Photo, see also my 500px profile


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